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NService Bus

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Show Notes

Yeah. So what I was thinking the other day is that what we want is to concentrate on the business logic that we need to implement and spend as small as little time as possible configuring, installing and figuring out the tools and libraries that we are using for this specific task. Like our mission is to produce the business logic and we should try to minimize the time that we spend on the tools and libraries that enable us to build the software.

—Giorgi Dalakishvili

Welcome to The Modern .NET Show! Formerly known as The .NET Core Podcast, we are the go-to podcast for all .NET developers worldwide and I am your host Jamie "GaProgMan" Taylor.

In this episode, I spoke with Giorgi Dalakishvili about Postgresql, DuckDB, and where you might use either of them in your applications. As Giorgi points out, .NET has support for SQL Server baked in, but there's also support for other database technologies too:

Yes, there are many database technologies and just like you, for me, SQL Server was the default go to database for quite a long time because it's from Microsoft. All the frameworks and libraries work with SQL Server out of the box, and have usually better support for SQL Server than for other databases.

But recently I have been diving into Postgresql, which is a free database and I discovered that it has many interesting features and I think that many .NET developers will be quite excited about these features. The are very useful in some very specific scenarios. And it also has a very good support for .NET. Nowadays there is a .NET driver for Postgres, there is a .NET driver for Entity Framework core. So I would say it's not behind SQL server in terms of .NET support or feature wise.

—Giorgi Dalakishvili

He also points out that our specialist skill as developers is not to focus on the tools, libraries, and frameworks, but to use what we have in our collective toolboxes to build the business logic that our customers, clients, and users desire of us. And along the way, he drops some knowledge on an essential NuGet package for those of us who are using Entity Framework..

So let's sit back, open up a terminal, type in dotnet new podcast and we'll dive into the core of Modern .NET.

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