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Avalonia XPF

This episode of The Modern .NET Show is supported, in part, by Avalonia XPF, a binary-compatible cross-platform fork of WPF, enables WPF apps to run on new platforms with minimal effort and maximum compatibility.

Show Notes

Uno Platform started off as the core UI framework. UI and non UI, because as part of Uno Platform itself, you have some non UI APIs like accelerometer and like these device sensors that you can use in a cross platform manner. So that part is the core framework, which is the backbone to everything that we built on top of it.

— Martin Zikmund

Welcome to The Modern .NET Show! Formerly known as The .NET Core Podcast, we are the go-to podcast for all .NET developers worldwide and I am your host Jamie "GaProgMan" Taylor.

In this episode, Martin Zikmund joined us to talk about Uno Platform and how it's way more than just a UI framework. It has support for APIs such as reading device sensors like accelerometers, too. But the bread and butter of Uno Platform, like AvaloniaUI, comes from the fact that you can use the familiar WPF syntax and either the new MVUX architecture or the more familiar to most MVU architecture to build your apps.

Yeah, ideally it should work on any Linux where .NET runs.

And we are currently using GTK as the underlying framework that simplifies our like that access to Linux specific APIs. So there is kind of a middleware layer of GTK. And you know, that makes the development for us much easier because it already has those shims for different versions of Linux and so on built in.

— Martin Zikmund

So let's sit back, open up a terminal, type in dotnet new podcast and we'll dive into the core of Modern .NET.

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