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From VBUG Across The Pond

Only a week after returning from a 30-day trip through the interior of the American heartland, we found ourselves in Merry Old England speaking at and attending the VBUG Winter Conference. Carl moderated ...

Mark Miller Wraps it Up

Before we went on the road we spoke to Mark Miller about component-oriented architecture and other related topics. We wanted to finish what we started with Mark, and move on to Graphics programming, ...

Road Trip Austin

We spent the weekend in Austin, Texas. Although it was a small crowd at the University, we got to speak to 8 developers including Jeff Palermo, Scott Bellware, and Mark Miller.

Road Trip Houston

There was a big crowd at the Houston event. We had a great time talking to the locals after the show. Markus Egger showed up and managed to sit behind the microphone for a few minutes too.

Road Trip Dallas

Dallas was great. For the second time in a row we didn't have to eat Pizza for dinner. One of the attendees told me (Carl) after the show that I had "no fear" to be able to get up in front of people ...