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Gareth Jones has chops. Tech chops, that is. He’s been around the .NET community making tools for developers for several years and one of those tools happens to be T4. That’s right, that T4, the Text Template Transformation Toolkit.

More of us are stumbling across T4 lately, and after this episode, you won’t stumble at all! Gareth gives us insights into T4 as well as some great examples of developers making effective use of it.


imageGareth is a lead developer architect in the Visual Studio Ultimate group at Microsoft.  He's working on Agile productivity tools for Visual Studio customers and also looks after T4 code generation.

Previously at Microsoft he worked on DSL Tools, the software factory initiative and Visual Studio eXtensibility. He has been a development manager for bespoke enterprise solutions, led the development of Microsoft's bCentral UK small business portal and managed a consultancy team focused on ISVs.

Before joining Microsoft, he led development projects in the intelligence analysis, simulation and aerospace industries.


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