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Show Notes

What do they go for? They go for one that's separated from the herd. And the idea behind cyber security nowadays should really actually be: put enough security controls in that they just go, "you know what? There's someone down the road that's got it all wide open. I'm just gonna go for them." And if you can just make yourself look as unappetizing and unappealing as possible, that's half the battle.

— Lianne Potter

Welcome to The Modern .NET Show! Formerly known as The .NET Core Podcast, we are the go-to podcast for all .NET developers worldwide and I am your host Jamie "GaProgMan" Taylor.

In this episode, Lianne Potter and Jeff Watkins of the Compromising Positions podcast joined us to talk a little bit about the practical side of cyber security. Both Lianne and Jeff are cyber security professionals and have a ton of experience in the industry. But I had them talk about cyber security from a developer's point of view: what can we do, what do we need to know, and how can we help our colleagues on a daily basis?

I think the other side's true as well.

I think companies in general need to encourage a more holistic, and shift-left, and integrated approach to security. I think we talk about that quite a bit about the idea of this should not be an "over the fence," because I guess there's two sides of the coin. One side saying, "oh look, there's the security team, they're the Department of Work prevention, they're the ones who are going to stop you." And there's the other side of that coin where nobody's bothered to ever include people from the security in their ways of working and daily practices

— Jeff Watkins

So let's sit back, open up a terminal, type in dotnet new podcast and we'll dive into the core of Modern .NET.

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