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ARM (Azure Resource Manager) - declarative definition for Azure resources
IaaS Virtual Machines - Durable VMs, ideal for migrating workloads with little coding or modifications
Cloud Services (PaaS) -  Platform as a Service offering for hosting web and service (worker) applications.
Azure Batch - Cloud enabling batch and cluster type workloads; bring your exe and we can scale it.
Remote App - Run you apps remotely on virtual machines hosted in Azure, via RDP.
App Service - Underlying service that will host web,api,logic and mobile apps.
Web App - Formerly called websites, these are designed simply to host web applications, with the benefits of PaaS.
API App - Host api type application backends, expose these with automated versioning and deployment built in.
Mobile App - Building the backend for mobile clients, with support for push notifications, auto scale, and sync services.
Logic App - Think biz talk integration in the cloud; this service allows connecting different data source and clients with just a browser.
API Management - Wrap existing web services and api type applications, and get throttling, rate limits, and developer key support.
Notification Hubs - Think push notifications without having to write specific code for each platform on mobile.
Mobile Engagement - Real time mobile monitoring with targeted push notifications with scheduling support.
Azure SQL Database - Platform as a service version of Sql databases.
DocumentDB - NoSql database, great for storing semi-structured data with key difference from Azure tables being multiple indexes.
Redis Cache - High performance, cache as a service with clients for all major vendors.
Azure Storage - Blob storage, table storage and queue storage with virtual unlimited storage.
StorSimple - Think cache to allow files to be served to local, on premises users, managing keeping most frequently used files on premise and archiving less used files to Azure.
Azure Search - Search as a service, bring you index, and scale the search components to enable applications to add search with the need to write the core search functions.
HD Insight - Hadoop clusters in the cloud supporting both windows and linux with clients for all major platforms.
Machine Learning - Predictive analytics in the cloud, build a model, bring your algorithm, and surface you engine with a web service.
Stream Analytics - Bring events into event hubs (on top of service bus) and query these with stream analytics.
Data Factory - Orchestration of data from various data sources including relational database and azure blob storage, and transform with only a browser.
Event Hubs - Working with concert with Service Bus to provide scaled out input to allow massive scale to ingest data from MM of devices.
Service Bus - Enterprise grade messaging bus to provide service to decouple applications from backend processing.
SQL Data Warehouse - Elastic data warehousing  as a service with integration to PowerBI, ML, HDInsight and data factory.
Virtual Networks - Software defined networking, routing control, and hybrid options
Express Route - Private connection, increased speed, lower latency MPLS network
Traffic Manager - Global load balancing, providing both increased performance and failover options
Azure Load Balancer - Internal and external software defined load balancing
Azure DNS - Host your DNS records in Azure to centralize management, hosted DNS services
VPN Gateway - IP Sec in 2 flavors (Site to Site and Point to Site) for flexible hybrid connectivity
Media Services - Bring your video, media services can encode, transcode, stream, and store video and audio at incredible scale.
Encoding - Encode via jobs to multiple formats, scale out for greater performance, with advanced thumbnail, and clip generation.
Azure Media Player - Single player for all your needs, with automatic detection to provide the best playback experience and integrated content protection.
Media Intelligence - Automatic caption generation, extract and index metadata using MSRs DNN (deep neural network) with multi language support!
Content Protection - Full blown key/license service in minutes, dynamic on the fly encryption using AES or PlayReady, support for EME (Encrypted Media Extensions) HTML5
On-Demand Streaming - Simplifies workflow of streaming video (packaging and encryption) with elastic scale, full DVR capabilities, and dynamic manifests for one encode for all.
CDN - Global content delivery network, integrated into Azure, to support massive scalability of user bases and support capacity on demand.
BizTalk Services - Use Hybrid connections to connect on premises servers to Azure, with no firewall changes and out of the box support for EDI,B2B, Partner, EAI, and IOT.
Azure Backup - Reliable offsite backup, with support for incremental backups, encryption in-transit and at rest with geo replication backup store
Azure Site Recovery - Automated protection and replication of VMs from on premises to Azure, with orchestration of failover
Azure Active Directory - Premier Identity and Access management solution for the cloud, SSO, integration with on premises AD, multifactor with enterprise scale.
Multi-Factor Authentication - Deploy on premises or in cloud, realtime fraud monitoring, access via SMS, phone call, or mobile app.
Visual Studio Online - TFS in the cloud…quite simply with support 5 users for free and unlimited private repos.
Visual Studio App Insights - Telemetry collection support both client and server side with support for all popular platforms.
Scheduler - Call services inside and outside Azure on schedules with support for Azure queues.  Great for daily maintenance and developers!
Automation - Process automation leveraging existing PowerShell workflows or create new ones via a highly available engine
Operational Insights - Management for Azure datacenters, with in sight to capacity, updates, and tracking for server configuration changes.
Key Vault - Vault used to secure cryptographic keys and other secrets used by cloud services, ensuring apps don't have direct access to keys
Service Fabric - Rapidly develop and update microservice-based applications
Data Lake - A hyper scale repository for big data analytic workloads
Portal - (newer) Ibiza portal and existing version.
SQL DB Elastic Tools - The elastic database features of Azure SQL DB are designed to simplify data tier development and management especially for Software as a Service (SaaS) developers
Premium Storage - delivers high-performance, low-latency disk support for I/O intensive workloads running on Azure Virtual Machines
Azure Files - SMB file shares on top of Azure Store
Azure Government - is a government-community cloud that offers hyperscale compute, storage, networking, and identity management services, with world-class security.
WebJobs -  Azure WebJobs provide an easy way to run scripts or programs as background processes on App Service Web Apps.

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