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from The Azure Podcast , on 5/26/2017 , played: 934 time(s)

HPC/Batch experts Felipe Ayora and Martijn de Vries talk to us about hosting CPU-intensive apps on-premises bursting to Azure.


Media file: http://azpodcast.blob.core.windows.net/episodes/Episode180.mp3

 - Main HPC site for all HPC solutions: https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/solutions/high-performance-computing/
- Azure Batch: https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/services/batch/
- Blog post about the 100K cores job with Willis towers Watson: https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/blog/what-would-you-do-with-100000-cores-big-compute-at-global-scale/
- Recent announcements:
  - Low-priority VMs through Batch at a fraction of the price: https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/blog/announcing-public-preview-of-azure-batch-low-priority-vms/
  - Azure Batch Rendering preview: https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/blog/massive-scale-cloud-rendering-with-autodesk-on-azure/
  - New Pascal GPUs coming to Azure: https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/blog/more-gpus-more-power-more-intelligence/


Twitter: @brightcomputing


Other updates: 


New 400GB and 200GB caches available on Azure Analysis Services


In April we announced the general availability of Azure Analysis Services, which evolved from the proven analytics engine in Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services. The success of any modern data-…






Sneak Peek - PowerShell in Azure Cloud Shell


At BUILD 2017, we announced the public availability of Azure Cloud Shell, which supports the Bash shell in a Linux environment. We are working to add PowerShell support to the Azure Cloud Shell. Our goal is to give you the choice to use the shell that you are most comfortable with to get your work done. To sign-up for a limited preview of PowerShell in Azure Cloud Shell, please fill out this sign-up form.




Azure enables cutting edge Virtual Apps, Desktops and Workstations with NVIDIA GRID


Professional graphics users in every industry count on an immersive, photorealistic, responsive environment to imagine, design, and build everything from airplanes to animated films.




Azure Analysis Services new modeling and tooling features


Following the announcement barely a couple of weeks ago that 1400 models are now in Azure Analysis Services, we haven’t stopped there! We are pleased to announce the following further features for 1400 models in Azure.




Use SaaS patterns to accelerate SaaS app development on SQL Database


Announcing availability of a sample SaaS application, management scripts and tutorials that implement a series of SaaS-focused design and management patterns that can used to accelerate SaaS application development on SQL Database.




Price reductions on General Purpose Virtual Machines


We believe in providing the most innovative cloud offering, yet have a longstanding commitment to match AWS on price drops. Today, we are lowering prices on previously launched Dv2 Promo Virtual…




New smaller Windows Server IaaS Image


We continue to find ways to make Azure a better value for our customers. Azure Managed Disks, a new disk service launched in Feb '17, simplifies the management and scaling of Virtual Machines (VM). You can choose to create an empty Managed Disk, or create a Managed Disk from a VHD in a storage account, or from an Image as part of VM creation




Azure IoT Suite adds physical IoT device/gateway tutorials


There are many facets to an IoT Solution - device code, cloud solution code, and application code - all working together to realize a business goal. Azure IoT Suite is designed to get you started quickly and realize business value from IoT.




The Microsoft vision for accelerating enterprise blockchain development


Next week, Microsoft is headed to Consensus 2017 in New York City to meet with blockchain developers and share new additions to our Microsoft Azure Blockchain portfolio. We’re thrilled to sponsor and participate in a forum that brings together businesses, partners, and communities who are passionate about taking blockchain to enterprise.




Announcing support for additional Blockchain Protocols on Azure


As we approach Consensus 2017, it is with great pleasure that we announce support for complex blockchain network deployments for many more blockchain and distributed ledger protocols on Azure, including HyperLedger Fabric, R3 Corda, Quorum, Chain Core, and BlockApps, to further our goal and meet customers where they are. 




Azure introduces a new blockchain proof of concept framework for developers


This blog post was authored by Marc Mercuri, Director, Microsoft Digital. Microsoft is laser-focused on enabling and accelerating enterprise adoption of blockchain technologies. Our blockchain offerings are well known for providing the ability to rapidly and consistently deploy blockchain infrastructure.




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