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from Dot Net Rocks , on 10/19/2017 , played: 726 time(s)

In September 2017, Elon Musk walked out on stage at the International Astronautical Congress and updated everyone on SpaceX's latest plans. Time for a Geek Out! But first, an update on all of SpaceX's projects, including Falcon 9, Falcon Heavy and the Interplanetary Transport System. Then into the new stuff - the next iteration of the Big Falcon Rocket (BFR) that Elon says will replace all three systems. The BFR is bigger than the Falcon, smaller than the ITS (which likely will never be built), uses a smaller version of the Raptor methane engine and should be able to lift 150MT to Low Earth Orbit with 100% reusability. If SpaceX makes the BFR work, the price of spaceflight will drop to pennies a kilogram. Can it be true?



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