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from Microsoft Cloud Show , on 5/29/2018 , played: 457 time(s)

In this episode, AC and CJ interview with Daron Spektor, Pat Miller, Cathy Dew, Luca Bandinelli, Jeremy Kelley from Microsoft about SharePoint Development at the SharePoint Conference 2018 keynote. This episode was recorded live and can also be seen on our Facebook page.



  • Daron Spektor - Group Engineering Manager, OneDrive/SharePoint, Microsoft
  • Pat Miller - Senior Software Development Lead, Microsoft
  • Cathy Dew - Senior Program Manager, Microsoft
  • Luca Bandinelli - Principal Program Manager OneDrive/SharePoint Team, Microsoft
  • Jeremy Kelley - Senior Program Manager, Microsoft

This episode was recorded live and can also be seen on our Facebook page.

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