.NET food for the brains!

from Dot Net Rocks , on 8/22/2019 , played: 405 time(s)

Server-Side Blazor is poised to ship at the end of September 2019 - are you ready? Carl and Richard talk to Shaun Walker, formerly of DotNetNuke fame, about server-side Blazor - starting with, how does server-side Blazor even make sense? Blazor has been a client-side technology using web assembly since Steve Sanderson showed off the prototype in 2017. But as the product matured, a server-side model from the Razor world emerged has a hugely powerful way to build forms-over-data web applications - and the component vendors have jumped on-board! Shaun talks about his open-source project called Oqtane to make building server-side Blazor apps even easier!



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