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Shaloo Garg, a Director in Microsoft Startups, explains to us how Startups can leverage valuable technical and business resources from Microsoft to help make them successful in the marketplace.



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Other updates:

Now available is a set of APIs that primarily helps increase efficiency in copying data from any URL to Azure or inside Azure. The APIs include:
• Put Block From URL
• Put Page From URL
• Append Block From URL
These APIs enable server-side synchronous copy of data from any URL source into either a block blob, page blob or as an append blob. The benefits of these APIs include:
• Server-side data transfer. The data transfer is performed server-side, meaning the data is read directly from the source by the destination server in Azure. The data is not flowing through the caller, so you do not need a VM with CPU, memory and network capacity to move the data. You can get away with using a relatively small VM that just orchestrate the data transfer.
• Synchronous data transfer.  Each call is performed synchronously, meaning the data transfer is complete when the call returns. This is unlike the existing asynchronous cross-account copy blob API, which is a scheduled background process where you need to regularly check if its complete.
• Any data source. The data source can be any data addressable by a URL, meaning you can copy data from inside or outside of Azure. Further it can be from any blob type to any blob, e.g. reading from a page blob and writing to a block blob.

From <https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/updates/new-copy-apis-for-efficient-data-copy/>


Work more efficiently with the updated Azure Blockchain Development Kit by using our new interactive debugger.




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