.NET food for the brains!

from Eat Sleep Code , on 2/26/2020 , played: 632 time(s)

On this episode of Eat Sleep Code, we talk to accessibility expect and front end developer Chris Demars. Chris discusses the current state of accessibility (a11y) on the web. We learn about common accessibility problems, mistakes and best practices. Chris DeMars (https://twitter.com/saltnburnem) is a front end developer from Detroit, Michigan now living in Denver, Colorado. For his community contributions, he holds awards as a Microsoft MVP in developer technologies, Google Developer Expert in web technologies, and is an Oracle Groundbreaker Ambassador. Chris loves coming up with solutions for all types of applications, which include modular CSS architectures, performance, and advocating for web accessibility. When he is not working on making the web great and inclusive you can find him writing blog posts, recording episodes of his podcast, Tales From The Script, or watching horror movies. http://chrisdemars.com/ https://www.telerik.com/ https://web.dev/ https://www.deque.com/axe/ https://uxdesign.cc/chrome-devtools-accessible-colors-300ec462a63c https://www.w3.org/TR/WCAG21/



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