.NET food for the brains!

from Dot Net Rocks , on 9/9/2003 , played: 1297 time(s)

This is a rare opportunity to have a conversation with people at Microsoft who are so closely tied to VB and VB.NET. They talked about new features in Whidbey, the next version of Visual Basic expected out in 2004 sometime, including some features that nobody knows about outside of the Alpha program! You'll have to listen to find out what they are! Carl and Mark talked about the things they like and have disliked about VB in the past, and how VB.NET has really brought the language to the forefront of the serious development community. As well, they ask some interesting questions like, "what parts of the .NET Framework were written in VB.NET" and other goodies. There are plenty of laughs as well. If you're a VB programmer, you've got to hear this!



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