.NET food for the brains!

from Dot Net Rocks , on 7/8/2003 , played: 1219 time(s)

Carl engaged Matthew in a lively discussion about his incredible website (.NET 24/7) which provides instant gratification for help on any of the classes in the .NET framework in the form of links to published articles, newsgroup discussions, and blog entries. Matthew is a big fan of weblogs, which he discusses in the interview. They also talked about the C# vs. VB.NET issue, and other issues associated with particular languages. As well, the conversation touched on the next versions of the framework and VS.NET. Matthew is happy to receive comments or feedback on any topic via his webblog at weblogs.asp.net. Please don't send us email about the poor quality of the audio. The source recording was not good, and we have made it as good as it can be.



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