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During PDC 2008, Oliver Sturm joined Keith and Woody to talk about his new book Functional Programming in C# (due in 2009) and discussed how all C# developers have the power of functional programming at their fingertips today. The discussion went so deep there is a code example in the post to illustrate the concepts Oliver discussed.

Thanks to our guest this episode


Oliver Sturm is an experienced software architect, developer, trainer and author, and a language freak. He also thinks he's a nice guy, but he's prepared to accept other opinions on that. He is a C# MVP and he works for Developer Express as a Technical Evangelist and Lead Program Manager for the Frameworks Division.

Oliver’s blog is http://www.sturmnet.org/blog


Code from the interview

Func<int,int,int> add = (x,y) => x + y;

Func<int, Func<int,int>> addC2 =
   delegate(int x) {
      return delegate (int y) {
          return x + y;

Func<int, Func<int,int>> addC =
   x => y => x + y;

var add5 = addC(5);

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