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In this episode, we talk with Thomas Lewis, Director with the Developer Platform and Evangelism team at Microsoft. Thomas and his team run the MIX Online website and is also a part of the planning team behind the MIX conference. We talk with Thomas about the recent design overhaul on MIX Online as well as what people can expect at this year's MIX conference.

I apology for the quality issues on this one. We're working out the kinks on utilizing Skype for our remote calls.  

Show Notes

Software KVM tools: Synergy+, Kavoom, MaxiVista

@TommyLee - Thomas on Twitter

Nishant Kothary dishes on the MIX Online re-design

Nishant Kothary says Goodbye to Twitter

MIX'10 Conference

MIX Labs: Incarnate, Descry, Oxite

A Website Named Desire

Content Strategy for the Web by Kristina Halvorson (Book)

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