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After a search that spanned the globe, I am happy to introduce the new co-host of The Thirsty Developer, Clark Sell ( @csell5 ). Clark recently joined my team as a Developer Evangelist also based in Chicago, well he lives on the Wisconsin \ Illinois border so that is hardly Chicago.

Clark has been with Microsoft for over 4 years coming to the evangelist team from Microsoft Consulting Service.  Having 12 years’ experience as solution architect, developer, tester, and product manager in the software industry, he’s mostly focused on Financial Services customers, line of business software and a quick jaunt through the halls of healthcare. Clark is also a Visual Studio Team System (VSTS) Ranger. You know that TFS check-in policy that stops you from checking in if the build is broken?  You can thank him for that one.  Clark is no stranger to podcasting as he has another podcast in which he co-hosts called The Smackdown on DeveloperSmackdown.com you can also read his blog at csell.net


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