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NHibernate 3 has released with some great new features including a LINQ provider! In this episode, James Kovacs takes us through many of the updates.

Additionally, James gives us a view into a large, mature open source project to see how a team comes together to ship production-ready software in an OSS project. If you aren’t using an ORM, this episode may just convince you that it is time to step up your data access game.


James Kovacsimage

James Kovacs is an independent architect, developer, trainer, and jack-of-all-trades specializing in agile development using the .NET Framework. He is passionate about helping developers create flexible software using test-driven development (TDD), unit testing, object-relational mapping, dependency injection, refactoring, continuous integration, and related techniques.

He blogs on CodeBetter.com as well as his own blog, writes articles for MSDN Magazine and CoDe Magazine, and is a frequent speaker at conferences and user groups. He is the creator of psake, a PowerShell-based build automation tool, to save developers from XML Hell.

James is a card-carrying member of ALT.NET – a group of software professionals continually looking for more effective ways to develop applications. He is the Agile Track Chair for DevTeach, Canada’s largest independent Microsoft conference. He holds a variety of designations, including MCP, MCAD, MCSD, and MCT. He received his Bachelors degree from the University of Toronto and his Masters degree from Harvard University.

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