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imageIn this episode, I got to visit with Scott Seely who has recently been creating content for Pluralsight involving distributed systems and all of the architectural complexity that implies. Scott shared some great experiences and dropped some big-A architect wisdom for us. I dare you to listen to this show and then claim you didn’t learn something!

Topics ranged, but highlights of the conversation include:

  • Strategies for Service Versioning
  • Basic Design Guidelines for WCF Services
  • Patterns for Distributed Systems
  • Service Discoverability
  • Working with Cloud Services
  • The Zen of XML and JSON

Scott Seely

Scott Seely is the president of Friseton, LLC. He is a Microsoft Regional Director. From 2002 to 2006, Scott was a developer on the WCF/Indigo team at Microsoft. Today, he is an active member of the .NET community in the Chicago area, helping lead the Lake County .NET Users’ Group, organize Code Camps, and speaking at user groups throughout the region.

Scott has been writing about SOAP and REST Web Services since 2000. He has authored and co-authored five books and dozens of articles on the topic. His latest book is due out at late 2010/early 2011. When away from his computer, Scott enjoys cooking, a round of golf, a good beer, and hanging out with his three children and wonderful wife.

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