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Welcome to The Modern .NET Show! Formerly known as The .NET Core Podcast, we are the go-to podcast for all .NET developers worldwide and I am your host Jamie "GaProgMan" Taylor.

In this episode, I spoke with Bryan Costanich about both IoT and Wilderness Labs. We discussed what IoT actually is, and the many differences between developing systems for IoT devices and developing modern .NET applications which run on servers, desktops, and mobile phones.

Yeah, you know, it's funny. It's one of those terms that is so broad and encompassing. I mean, really "Internet of things." So things that are connected to the Internet and really, what does that mean? Is your TV an IoT device? Well, maybe. Is your car an IoT device? A lot of these cars today are connected to the Internet.

In our world. And I think colloquially what folks generally accept as IoT are non standard compute devices that are typically embedded. So they're often small and deployed to the field generally that are connected devices, right? Typically this means an embedded device, a device that is powered by, like a microcontroller, sometimes a Raspberry Pi -which is really just a small computer. But generally anything that is what we think of a thing connected things or small devices.

—Bryan Costanich

So let's sit back, open up a terminal, type in dotnet new podcast and we'll dive into the core of Modern .NET.

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The full show notes, including links to some of the things we discussed and a full transcription of this episode, can be found at: https://dotnetcore.show/season-6/from-Mono-to-wilderness-unleashing-the-wild-side-of-net-in-iot-with-bryan-costanich/

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