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from The Thirsty Developer , on 5/9/2012 , played: 1554 time(s)

After a long hiatus, the Thirsty Developer is back to kick off Season 2. In this episode, we introduce the listeners to a new member of the Thirsty Developer team, Adam Hoffman. Dave and Adam wax poetic about the old Commodore 64 days and learn about Adam’s role at Microsoft as well a hobby project of his – the Cloud Car (aka. Car-Puter).


Dave Bost, http://davebost.com, @davebost

Adam Hoffman, http://stratospher.es, @stratospher_es

Show Notes

The Commodore 64 and our favorite peripherals

Mike Benkovich’s Cloud Computer Soup to Nuts Webcasts

Windows Azure for the ASP.NET Developer Series

Project Detroit (“Microstang”)

Clemens Vasters on the Azure Service Bus (Channel 9)

Books: Back of the Napkin (Dan Roam), Understanding Comics (Scott McLoud)

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