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Are you an Advanced Programmer? We dig into the final section of Robert Read's fantastic writing: How to be a programmer. Also, how to cheat at Jira, a lazy butcher and if learning web development is worth it. Link to Episode 40's Full Show Notes http://www.codingblocks.net/episode40 This Episode's Survey To squash, or not to squash, that is the question: Do you leave a trail of commits in case you need them later, or do you prefer to keep things tidy? News Send us your email to join our Slack channel! Make sure you check out How to be a beginning programmer, How to be an intermediate programmer! Thanks for the reviews, we love you! Bebop6585, philbritton, barrycarey, gnuHenson, tellsny, EskimoDragon13, Jordan G. Lee, Arkamedez, Jay Syko, vodkadom, Redwyn, lowellmower, JRiedl, gregpakes, fpw23, CDEguia, Cyberpod, manrique, foupfeiffer Is it worth learning to webdev? Stack Overflow 2016 Developer Survey! Unit Tests do not cover your misinterpretation of business rules How to be a Programmer is on github! Technological Judgment How to Tell the Hard From the Impossible How to Utilize Embedded Languages Choosing Languages Compromising Wisely How to Fight Schedule Pressure How to Understand the User How to Get a Promotion Serving Your Team How to Develop Talent How to Choose What to Work On How to Get the Most From Your Team-mates How to Divide Problems Up How to Handle Boring Tasks How to Gather Support for a Project How to Grow a System How to Communicate Well How to Tell People Things They Don't Want to Hear How to Deal with Managerial Myths How to Deal with Organizational Chaos Tips and Tricks React Apps with Relay, GraphQL, and Flux and MIT OpenCourseWare Working with OPENROWSET Join the "Coding Blocks" Code Wars clan!



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