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from The Azure Podcast , on 8/4/2016 , played: 1849 time(s)

We talk to Bill Zack and Jesse Drugan from Blue Chip Consulting. They give us the lowdown on StorSimple and how companies can take advantage of this Azure appliance/service.




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Other updates:


Azure Security Center generally available


Microsoft Authenticator generally available



Azure in-place virtual machine migration eliminates virtual machine reboots during critical security updates for Host OS
We continue to add new platform reliability and availability features to our infrastructure to ensure customers have the best experience. While critical Host OS security updates previously caused a reboot, most virtual machines now benefit from Azure in-place virtual machine migration that only pauses them for up to 30 seconds, while the local temporary disk and memory state are preserved. Your virtual machines already benefit from this capability for certain critical security updates and, with an upcoming platform update later in 2016, we’ll eliminate the need for virtual machine reboot for most Host OS patches. Our goal is to eliminate the need for virtual machine reboots for all Host OS updates.




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