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from WT F# , on 11/27/2018 , played: 1794 time(s)

Recorded at OpenF#, Alfonso and Kunjan speak with me about Elmish, a library for building web applications on top of Fable, and its surrounding technologies. Show notes: - https://elm-lang.org/ (The Elm language) - https://guide.elm-lang.org/architecture/ (the architecture) - https://github.com/elmish/elmish (Elmish) - https://github.com/fsprojects/Fabulous ("Fabulous," Elmish on Xamarin.Forms) - https://mangelmaxime.github.io/Fulma/ (Fulma, Fable bindings for Bulma) - https://mangelmaxime.github.io/html-to-elmish/ (html-to-elmish) - https://github.com/Zaid-Ajaj/tabula-rasa (Tabula Rasa, blog platform written in F#) - https://github.com/Zaid-Ajaj/Fable.Remoting (Fable.Remoting) - https://github.com/Nhowka/Elmish.Bridge (Elmish.Bridge) Special Guests: Alfonso Garcia-Caro and Kunjan Dalal.



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