.NET food for the brains!

from SQL Server Radio , on 4/15/2019 , played: 607 time(s)

Download Episode (mp3) Guy attended SQLBits in Manchester, and he summarizes this great conference from his point of view, including all the session he attended: SQL Pub Quiz The Keynote How to Make Sure Your SSIS Packages Will Never Fail by Guy Glantser Benchmarking in the Cloud by Gianluca Sartori Common Troubleshooting Techniques for AGs and FCIs by Allan Hirt Failover Detection Utility – Availability Group Failover Analysis Made Easy What's New - Query Performance Insights by Pedro Lopes Top 5 Tips to Keep Always On AGs Humming and Users Happy by Matt Gordon The SQLBits Party Patterns and Best Practices in SSIS by Richard Munn Build Hybrid Data Platform with Azure SQL Database and SQL Server by Kevin Farlee SQL Leadership Q&A by Microsoft PowerShell Medley by Jonathan Allen Validate Your SQL Server Estate with Ease Using dbachecks by Rob Sewell Select Stars: A SQL DBAs Introduction to Azure Cosmos DB by Bob Pusateri



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