.NET food for the brains!

from Dot Net Rocks , on 10/25/2004 , played: 1408 time(s)

Juval Löwy joins Carl, Rory, and the gang this week for a romp through .NET 2.0 in all its glory. Juval talks about serialization now and in 2.0, the new System.Transaction namespace and how cool it really is, putting System.EnterpriseServices in perspective, some quick lip service to generics (although he discussed that in show #34), and a little criticism of the new Visual Studio 2005. Thom Robbins joins us in the second half to talk about his recent CodeCamp event, and the New England district. Richard is still climbing mountains, but Rory is on fire with Google Weirdos and Ask Rory. Kirk has some good websites as well. Warning: this show is rated at least PG-13.



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