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from Dot Net Rocks , on 1/4/2022 , played: 280 time(s)

Part Two of the Geek Outs - all about the Pandemic. The conversation starts out talking about the Omicron variant and how the pandemic has changed since the 2020 Geek Out. The biggest thing that has happened is having 3.8 billion people vaccinated - not quite half the population, and not enough for herd immunity yet. But progress is being made, and there's more to come. Richard also dives into the power of the innovation that mRNA vaccines represent - a new tool for humanity to fight all sorts of illnesses. Finally, the show wraps up with a discussion on the supply chain crisis. Nominally brought on by the pandemic, there have been supply chain issues for years, exacerbated by lockdowns, illness, interruptions, and a huge backlog in container traffic. It will get resolved eventually, but that have been some changes coming for a while that will be felt for years - whether that is good or bad is yet to be determined!



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