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from The Azure Podcast , on 10/9/2023 , played: 850 time(s)

Alice Gibbons, Customer Success Engineer and Kendall Roden, Product Manager, both from Diagrid, talk about the companies SaaS offering that allows easier monitoring and management of DAPR installations on AKS and any Kubernetes service.


Media file: https://azpodcast.blob.core.windows.net/episodes/Episode475.mp3

YouTube: https://youtu.be/iIjUs1Z-g4I


Conductor links:

5 min intro: https://www.diagrid.io/conductor#video-section

book a demo: https://www.diagrid.io/conductor

Run Dapr in production with Confidence webinar: https://youtu.be/88VJZ0K09PM?feature=shared


Other Updates:



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